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Păsăricelile din 2011-09-04

Developers pissed after Google App Engine price increased #

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Păsăricelile din 2011-07-27

Having a beer (a few) at Class Cafe in Satu Mare #

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Păsăricelile din 2011-07-26

Daca tot am boolit FF-ul, hai sa ne ocupam timpul cu altele: Mozilla To Develop Mobile OS #

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Ha ha! So true!

Cred ca ma recunosc in cateva din chestii :))


Păsăricelile din 2011-05-18

I think I'll start looking for a job. Is anybody in need of a good senior programmer/analyst/architect ? # @IzabellaBurney1 not exactly what i'm looking for :)) in reply to IzabellaBurney1 #

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